Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Law of Progress

Any progress consists of ups and downs.

 Watch a tree grow.

 It grows some leaves and a storm comes along and blows some away.

 It grows more leaves and another storm comes along and blows some away.

 Watch the stock markets or the tides at the beach. 

There are ups and downs.

 Quitters don't understand this. 

They figure that progress should all be one way up.

 As soon as they slide a little, they think the game is over and they give up.

 Understand the progress principle and etch it in your mind.

 It might change your life.,,,,,,,

-Andrew Matthews (Author of ''Being Happy'')

p/s semangatkan dirimu, jangan mudah mengalah dan tewas, tetapkan matlamat, kuatkan tekad, moga Allah berkati, insyaAllah.

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