Thursday, 31 January 2013

British Man

Hi people!  Selamat sejahtera ke atas kamu! 
Dah berminggu-minggu dah  cuti semester berlalu. Saya baru ada mood nak menulis.

Kata orang bijak pandai, “Menulis itu perlu! Kerna tulisan itu akan kekal, kalau kita hanya mendengar sahaja barangkali ada point penting yang dilupakan ” 

Sepanjang cuti nieh, fikiran saya melayang jauh, memikirkan masa hadapan.. aceceh,, Teringat pula conversation with Mr. Harris dlm train sewaktu perjalanan pulang ke Ipoh.

  "we must have  a plan even though in small matter" said Mr Harris
Mr Harris is a person who seat beside me in train. One of dialogues that I still remembered:
He asked me, “How many children you plan to have?” 

Dalam hati.. “alamakk, what kind of question nieh?” 
So, I replied, “I’m never think about it… Sorry.” 
“You must have an idea about it.. because it’s about your life in future n bla bla…” 
Saya angguk tanda setuju. “I will think about it… Thank you for realizing me for thinking about it…”

Sekali terbelit lidah kowt,, tetiba jew kena cakap omputih,,, Mr Harris pening kepala dengar saya cakap dan saya berkerut kening to understand what he tried to say. Alhamdulillah, after a few minutes we became a friend. hahaha. we did conversation with laugh without tears.  we changed a lot of ideas and stories. But most of stories from Mr Harris la. ekekeke. 

(p/s he knew well about Malaysia better than me : tempat menarik, political issues, Malaysian culture... huhuhu.. kene bukak buku sejarah balik nieh.)

Mr. Harris ini orang England. Dah berborak panjang barulah dia cakap dia orang British. Huhuhu. Patutlah all conversation in English. Huhuhu. Haru biru dibuatnya.
“Are u not Malaysian?” 
“No, I’m not Malaysian. I’m British man. I came here to do research.” 
“Oh..Sorry. I think u are Malaysian.” 
“Hahahaha (He laughed) and said, “You think I’m Malaysian because of  my skin color like Malay man.” 
“Hahahaha (I laughed),,, Yes!”

He asked me everything including my personnel… Yang saya rasa soalan tidak perlu pon ditanya for the first met. Kan? Kan? 

He asked me about my age, my parent, my hobbies, interest, can i cook or not?, and the hottest question;

“Do have a boyfriend?"  
“No, I don’t have”
“Ok, what do you think about love?” (Mr. Harris) 
Gulp!!,, “alamak”… “Love is very subjective to describe and every people have their own meaning or perception about love…. urm...urm...aaaa....aaaa......” 
“Ok.Ok… I will give you situation…” 
“Actually, I like to see Malaysian culture,,, a couple means husband and wife,,, husband send his wife to work place every day,, and a wife kiss her husband hand to get blessing maybe,,, I think this is love,, and I hope that, this culture is still going on when I came back Malaysia again,,, and love is not describe as holding a hand between the couples (boy and girl) before married,,, and something I saw people can love their partner for many years before married, and when they got married just only a few years and end up their life with divorce…”
“Owh..Ok. That’s why I never believe in love before married..”
         “Hahahaha.. You are right.”

Mr. Harris nieh sebenarnye salah seorang pengidap penyakit dyslexia. Disebabkan saya tak berapa familiar dengan penyakit tue, maka, sepanjang perjalanan he tried to explain and make me understand about his disease. So, I  listen, and listen, and listen and sometimes he makes me laugh.
And suddenly 
he said, “hei, you have a good smile” 
“Owh, ya! Thank you!” 
“Life is short and  I love to make people laugh and happy. Just enjoy your life.”
He still continued the conservation until arrival at Ipoh.

“Nice to meet you, I hope you will text me a message, and continuing be a friend”. 
“Nice to meet you too,, bye!! "





  1. nice experience ada!!! seriusly!!! *jeles* hehe

  2. hehehe,, betoi3x ,, experience beru,, saya selalu jumpe lelaki yang pelik3x,, sebelum sy jumpe Mr harris nieh, sy jumpe Mr krisnan, he motivated me to continue study after degree,, dia suruh buat master terus,,